The Beacon Light Baptist Church of Hammond, Louisiana began from a calling of God upon the Apostle and Overseer, Bishop Darryl S. Brister. With great vision, Bishop Darryl S. Brister began to plant a seed of ministry in the beautiful city of Hammond with a Power Encounter Crusade in SEPTEMBER 2003. There were over 1,000 people in attendance at the two-day crusade and the ministry was welcomed with open arms. From the great response to the Power Encounter Crusade, Bishop Darryl S. Brister proceeded in September 2003 to initiate a weekly bible study. Bible Study began with over 100 in attendance and grew steadily each week.

God showed much favor to the Beacon Light International Baptist Cathedral as the mother church of this apostolic movement and the Beacon Light International Ministries was formed as the birthing arm of this great church. In November 2003, it was very clear that God had ordained a New Jerusalem right here in Hammond. The Beacon Light Baptist Church of Hammond was formally established and dedicated under the umbrella of the Beacon Light International Ministries on NOVEMBER 2, 2003. The Beacon Light Baptist Church of Hammond began its Sunday Worship services with a 3:00 pm service. God so richly blessed this great church that in MAY 2004, Beacon Light Baptist Church of Hammond added an 11:30 am worship service. Now with both an 11:30 am and 3:00 pm service, the people of Hammond had increased opportunity to worship and serve God.

The Church had shown continual grown both in spirit and in number. In AUGUST 2004, Bishop Darryl S. Brister obeyed the voice of God an appointed Bishop Darneal F. Johnson, III, as Pastor-Elect of the Beacon Light Baptist Church of Hammond. On SEPTEMBER 22nd, during the 2004 Holy Convocation Celebration, BISHOP DARNEAL F. JOHNSON, III, was formally installed as the pastor of the Beacon Light Baptist Church of Hammond. In November 2004, the transition began from our 3:00 pm Sunday Evening Worship service to what is now our thriving 9:30 am Worship Service. Under Bishop Johnson’s committed and capable leadership the church had grown to a great level of influence and power. In SEPTEMBER 2005, the transition continued as our Apostle and Overseer appointed ELDER DENNIS R. HEBERT, JR. to serve as our interim-pastor and leader. We are so blessed and honored that God continues to favor us with qualified and capable leadership in these “challenging times.” On Sunday, DECEMBER 18, 2005 Elder Dennis R. Hebert, Jr., was installed as the senior pastor and teacher of the Beacon Light Baptist Church of Hammond.

The church presently has a fully operating Ministerial Alliance, an anointed Mass Choir, Women’s and Men’s Ministry, Worship Child Care, Deacon & Female Deacon Ministry, Ushers, Greeters, New Partners Ministry and many other in-house ministries God has blessed. We are continuously striving to be a LIGHT in a dark world making our mark in the community by instituting a LEAP Tutorial Program and various Outreach Programs to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of God’s people.